Organic Hemp Seeds are Nutritionally Dense Superfoods!

These popular seeds are now found in most supermarkets and easily available on line.  They are sold as toasted (with the hull…the whole seed) or hulled (soft hemp hearts) which are raw and therefore maintain more of their nutritional integrity.

Since hemp seeds have become commonplace there are many brands available and it can be hard to figure out which seeds are the best price and which brand hemp seed are the healthiest.  One thing to be very aware of is from which country  the seeds originate.  It is common “hemp wisdom” to chose Canadian hemp seeds because of their regulations and non GMO requirements guarantee purity.  Perhaps the seeds coming from China are less carefully sourced.  Since the whole industry is growing all this could change.

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How to eat Hemp Seeds: Raw verses Toasted.

Hemp seeds taste good either way. Placing them directly in the mouth seems to work well. The raw seed (hemp hearts) is soft because it is hulled. Therefore it costs more because it is a process to extract them. The hemp heart is raw so it has denser concentration of hemp’s renown nutritional content. The toasted version of hemp seed has the hull and is crunchy and tastes similar to sunflower seeds in flavor. It is heated and there is a sterilization process that likely reduces vitamin content and minerals. Also the hull of any seed usually has lectins which are known to be harmful. That said, both forms still have hemp seed’s polyunsaturated fatty acids in perfect balance that are vital for life and all 9 essential amino acids a perfect, easily digested plant protein.

Organic Raw Hemp Seed Recipes…not Just a Snack

The following link will lead you to a recipe for hemp/matcha green tea pesto.…

Organic Hemp Hearts Health Benefits

Each seed is a complete protein containing all 9 essential amino acids. Each also has a perfect balance of the valuable Omega 3 and Omega 6 polyunsaturated essential fatty acids that we have to get from the food we eat. Organic hemp hearts nutritional content really excels in the subcategories of those essential fatty acids. Unique to hemp is a rare presence of both GLA (Gamma Linoleic Acid) among the Omega 6 molecules and SDA (Steardonic Acid) among the Omega 3 molecules. They play parallel roles. As the human body ages it does not produce much of either, also disease can mess up the process. Certain enzymes are usually lacking so it is very good to intake them through diet as they are powerful anti-inflammatory agents. How good it is that hemp provides both in balance as they are not easily sourced from other plants!

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A Comparison of Hemp Seed Brands found on Amazon in 2017:

What brand organic hemp seeds should you buy?  Well, they are all good, but this might help you save time and narrow it down:

Lowest Price Hemp Seed Brand:Nativa Brand

Hemp Seed Brand made by Company that self-regulates Quality/Purity:Manitoba Brand

Most Popular Hemp Seed Brand:Also Nativa Brand

Which Country do the Seeds Come From?

  • Manitoba: Canada
  • Nutiva: Canada
  • Navitas: Canada
  • Natierra Himalania:
  • Healthworks: Romania
  • Gerbs: Canada
  • Just Hemp Foods: Canada


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Heart healthy hemp is a complete protein, having all the amino acids including arginine known to relax and dilate blood vessels. Hemphearts have the right balance of Omega 3 & 6 (3:1) Essential Fatty Acids as well as Vitamin E, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc and Phosphorus.


Other Products made From Hemp Seeds:

  1. Snack Bars and bites<Here’s a bite/li>
  2. Hemp Milk
  3. Hemp tofu
  4. Hemp Flour

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