Exploring hemp cultivation as a topic is like learning about a solar system. It is amazing and beautiful and so far-reaching you cannot imagine where it ends.

The Hemp Plant Solar System

Where will it all lead?  So many questions arise and so many potential application
hemp butterfly

The Industrial Hemp Farmer Deserves Respect.

Even where the laws allow for it, actual hands-on hemp cultivation is challenging. Hopefully, this website becomes a place for the voice of the hemp farmer – where they can post their comments and help inform those supporting their pursuits.

Factors involved in cultivation:

  • seed availability
  • there is a learning curve…and there is the weather
  • birds love hemp
  • reaping a thickly grown, hard-stalked crop
  • “retting” unique to this crop; there is a process involved to get the bark off the grown plant. The ultimate goal is to reach the woody interior core called the “shiv”…which is used in construction material.

Industrial Hemp is Beneficial to the Soil.

Yes, it is good for the soil, future crops and eventually for profit; but notably, it is a commitment. It’s not like sowing a few seeds in the garden and watching them grow. There is planning, timing, and labor involved. Still it remains a good thing. Remember – no weed killer, pesticide or fungicide is really needed. Also it is, of course, releasing oxygen into the air as plants love to do. Therefore hemp is a carbon negative crop at every stage…even when it is part of a building wall as insulation. After the hemp is grown it can be followed by another crop such as rye or barley most always there is no weed killer required for the crop that follows the hemp. This is a great benefit to all of us.

hemp farm

Just the beginning of the Industrial Hemp Revival.

I hope it is the beginning. In the United States there is quite a lot of research and development that has been approved by the federal government. And about 14 States have approved actually cultivating it. I believe first seeds were sown in Eaton, New York July 4, 2016…a much celebrated event. This website has a news and current event section because so much is happening right now. There are many companies and organizations that have existed and thrived for a while. Also Canada, China, UK, Europe and Australia are a few decades ahead. I will be listing as many of these along with links to their sites and products whenever possible. My goal is to compile, present and support all who are involved in this venture/industry. There are some companies and marketplaces that offer affiliate programs where I profit from your following up with them. Thank you for posting any helpful hemp related comment.

What is The Next Hemp Product or Application?

I enjoy thinking of things that could be made out of hemp.. I will brainstorm and then look it up only to discover someone is already hard at work developing that product.  My latest thought was bicycles made out of hemp plastic.  Sure enough there is a company that works with bamboo and hemp to make bikes.  I would love your comments and your next possible hemp product idea.  Apparently the sky is the limit….unless we are already using hemp in outer space.  It is like a solar system.


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