Organic Hemp Milk Verses Other Nut Milks: A Review

There are several brands of organic hemp milk on the market today. Here I hope to provide a general comparison to other nut milks and what makes hemp stand apart from the others.

How does Hemp Milk taste?

While there are other brands, I bought Living Harvest Tempt Hemp Milk in a carton off a local grocery shelf. Other places to buy organic hemp milk would be sites like amazon or thrive market if you choose to purchase on line. The flavor is distinct, tasting clearly of the hemp seed itself with a layered sense of the hemp oil. The texture is naturally creamy. Coconut milk and almond milk also can be creamy, but I find their flavors to be more mild. The hemp milk was closer to walnut milk in flavor. I would suggest taking small amounts at first and allowing yourself to acquire the taste and the effects…hemp is a densely rich, nutritional food so you might need to adjust. I used some organic hemp milk in a smoothie with a frozen banana and blueberries which was very good. I understand it also works well in baking.

How is Hemp Milk made?hemp milk

Start with pulverized hemp seeds…combine and soak in clean water, blend and strain out unwanted solids.

There’s no Comparison: Hemp Milk’s Health Benefits

Hemp milk has very high content of the vital polyunsaturated fats our bodies require for life. It provides vitality because hemp naturally has the optimal balance of these. It is those Omega 3s and Omega 6s that are in the right ratio. There also is a sub-category of polyunsaturated fats that makes hemp stand out which contains SDA and GLA (anti-inflammatory) also in the right balance. Hemp excels over other plants in this area of essential fatty acids.


Hemp is also a complete protein source…containing all 10 essential amino acids. Its mineral content is high, citing magnesium and phosphorus….and it offers Vitamin E, Vitamin B-12, iron and zinc. All contributing to vitality and energy (ask the thoroughbred horses who eat and sleep hemp).

What Hemp Milk Does not Contain.

Hemp is organic …remember the use of pesticides is not necessary. The brand Living Harvest Hemp Milk I enjoyed is non GMO and contained no carrageenan which is found in some nut milks as a thickener, but is not healthy. Hemp does not contain phytic acid in the seeds…often grains and seeds have this and require soaking to reduce/eliminate it. Phytic acid interferes with good digestion. Hemp also does not contain lectins…the broader group of proteins that include gluten. So hemp milk is gluten-free. It is a renewable resource; it does not contain by-products that harm the earth. When the hemp seeds are washed the trace amount of THC is eliminated; there is not any in hemp milk either.


Some people prefer the taste of other nut milks, but it seems that you can’t go wrong choosing hemp milk. The only comparison where it doesn’t shine is that hemp products…especially the oil..can go rancid at an earlier date than other milk from nuts. Nutritionally the benefits are excellent. Thank you for reading this product review I hope the content and the links are helpful in making your purchase.





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