PRODUCT: iphone phone case made from hemp plastic


SIZES: fits iphone4 ipod 5 iphone 5 also available.

WEIGHT: 12 grams, 1 mm thickness

COLORS: Orange, Red, Green. Dark Green, White, Black

COST: $34-$39

RATING: 9 out of 10

Organic Hemp Plastic Phone Cases Are a Surprising Reality!

How do we get from a small controversial seed to an orange phone case? It has to do with some innovative, hard-working and inspired people in the UK and an amazingly far-reaching crop. “Hemp is the most eco renewable and diverse resource on the planet.”… This quote is from some people with their own start-up business on indiegogo that makes eyewear out of hemp fiber. It is wonderful to realize that a PLASTIC (moldable material that hardens into a desired shape) does not have to involve petroleum, but can be grown from the earth and eventually returns to the same. The UK company that makes these phone cases has been at this sort of thing for over 20 years. They have developed a unique material mix using mostly hemp fiber to be used in these biodegradable phone cases.…

Industrial Hemp is Known for Getting Along with Others.

Agricultural hemp blends well with organic cotton fibers for example yielding a vast selection of fabrics and uses. In the case of plastics it teams up with others and becomes a bio composite known to be 5 times as stiff as regular polypropylene plastics and 2.5 times stronger. It is more durable and longer lasting. There is a high silica content in the bast fiber strands (not the seed or the oil) known to make material that is stronger than steel. (What is the United States waiting FOR???) Hemp plastic pellets are heated and poured into molds which form the basic phone case. While the hemp bio composites being researched today are advanced for modern technology the idea of using hemp in this way is not new. Henry Ford made a hemp prototype car.… ahead of his time.

Biodegradable Hemp Plastic iphone Case versus Regular Plastic iphone Case.

Obviously, the difference between the biodegradable hemp plastic phone cases and a typical plastic phone case like this one found on amazon is the biodegradability.

These are other qualities of the phone case made from hemp plastic:

  • High heat tolerance
  • Lasts a long time and durable
  • No safety issues or risks
  • Dust and Scratch Resistent
  • One piece easy open/close snap case with front and back cover, not bulky
  • Carved glass for the correct hues during photography
  • Stylish with a grip design.but does not stick in the pocket as other cases from rubber-type material will
  • Designed to fit and not interfere with any of phone’s functions

The cost of the hemp plastic phone is much higher than the average plastic phone case…at least it is designed to last a long time not requiring replacement. In these early stages to me this is not surprising…the world market has not caught up yet, making them more costly to produce and market. I rate this product as a very good choice for a phone case. It is thoughtfully designed and created. I hope it becomes more readily available in the United States.

Other ways to Make Phone Cases Biodegradable:

Rawganique has a 100% organic hemp fiber phone and iPad case. This is using hemp as a fabric:

Etsy has a few shops where people are using only hemp to create phone cases, these are also hemp fabrics not plastics.

There is a company that uses a blend of flax and that is a biodegradable plastic.  This post on lists several other biodegadable phone cases out of various material.


I hope this compilation of hemp information and this review have been interesting and helpful to you. I very much value your comments, corrections and feedback. I am also including links to books and films about industrial hemp.




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