Thanks toThe 2014 Farm Bill,  industrial hemp is completely distinct from marijuana and is not a controlled substance.  Cannabidoids are the medicinal molecules that are being scientifically extracted and sold to the public legally in all 50 states since the passing of this law.  Section 7606 of this Farm Bill (which permits research and development of industrial hemp for commercial benefit) allows for an individual state to pass a law that says it is ok to commercially cultivate industrial hemp.  Section 7606 allows the state law to override the Federal in this case that means even The Controlled Substance Act.  Are we talking about medical marijuana? Personally, I do not know much about medical marijuana except there is an upsurge of interest in legalizing it. Organic CBD Hemp Oil is not referring to a controlled substance, it is from the hemp plant. They are distinctive separate plants …yes the same species, but at best they are cousins. What if something your cousin did interfered with your getting a job?…it is sort of like that. Right now in 2017, CBD hemp oil is legal to purchase over the counter in all 50 States for its known medical benefits. (Keep in mind the FDA have not approved it as a medicine). It is the oil that is extracted from the industrial hemp plant’s leaves, stems and stalks. Hemp oil can be used as a nutritional food supplement (this is the oil from the seeds) and there is a form of hemp oil being used as bio fuel. CBD oil is more of the extract…the focus is on the CBD content (cannabidoil) which is known to be highly medicinal.

Actually there are very many beneficial cannabidoils in the hemp plant and, depending on the source of the seed, they can provide various health benefits.  Ananda hemp Website for Ananda Hemp Company (a company legally cultivating hemp in Kentucky) finds seeds from around the world for a more extensive, “exotic” combination of cannabidoils for greater health.  CBD is just one of them.  This company believes in a full spectrum of cannabidoils for their products.

Information about Ananda Hemp’s Full Spectrum of Cannabidoils

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High in CBD; Low in THC! It Can Be Confusing!

Organic CBD hemp oil or CBD Cannabis oil has to have less than .3% THC content. A company called has just developed a product with 0% THC…so those who don’t want a single trace in their blood, but want the benefits of CBD can now do it. THC is the psychoactive ingredient of its cousin: the controlled substance marijuana. Often people confuse the two…myself included. When I read CBD cannabis oil I assumed that was medical marijuana…the “cannabis” word I suppose and I believe CBD is also in medical marijuana – hence the confusion. This website was rejected because of its “content” when I applied to an affiliate program of a company that actually sells a diverse amount of hemp clothing and accessories. Sounds like another misunderstanding. A hemp grower in Boring, Oregon who sells his crops to make the oil says many of his plants are stolen as people mistake them for the not legal alternative. (ref:…)  Some farms are still raided by the DEA because of misunderstanding. To be clear, the trace amounts of THC in CBD oil will not make you high, the high concentrate of CBD might very possibly make you well.

What are the Medical Benefits of CBD Oil?

Current research indicates CBD oil has medicinal properties that may help with the following:.

  • Pain Relief: A known anti-inflammatory!
  • Anxiety Relief – We all could use some of this…known for its calming effect.
  • Sleep aid in higher doses; stimulant in low dosages
  • Helps eliminate epileptic seizures (better alternative to side effect laden pharmaceuticals)
  • Nutritional Powerhouse: contains: Omega 3s,amino acids, terpenes, vitamins and vital minerals
  • Mood lifter
  • Possible aid in recovery from substance abuse

I refer you to some experts:

CBD vs Opioids

How to purchase CBD oil?

CBD comes in various forms because it has such a variety of uses. Consumers have their choice of how they want to take it.

  • Topically – Available as lotion or an oil that can be rubbed on the skin
  • As an extract (various flavors) or tincture: different grades available
  • As a capsule
  • as a vapor…increases CBD concentration and absorption
  • as an edible such as a chocolate bar
  • as a liquid or similar food additive
    Salve from Ananda Hemp
  • as a salve
  • as a medicated patch

Where to buy CBD oil?

When first exploring places and items to purchase it can be confusing.  There is hemp oil which I briefly reviewed on this site and there is scientific CBD oil… and full spectrum cannabidoils

cold pressed organic hemp seed oil.  I refer you to hemp oils for sale on amazon for the regular seed oil. Please note these are oils derived from hemp seeds and are not super high in CBD.  The value of hemp oil is its high nutritional content with good results, but it is not the medicinal oil this post is reviewing. It all depends on the customer needs.

I have provided the following links to good quality reasonably priced scientific grade CBD oil for online purchases


Buy full spectrum oils from Ananda Hemp

More to check out on amazon

It can also be bought over the counter in some stores.  I plan to read labels as I shop.

What is the latest news on CBD oil as Cancer Cure?

How does CBD oil contribute to the end of cancer cells? (Remember this is not FDA approved and is considered an alternative approach..always consult with your physician)  The following is to open the discussion and to point out some research so that it can be further explored.…

From the British Pharmocological Society April 2017 report it appears CBD suppresses cancer growth and inhibits its being spread.  It enhances the immune system also so our bodies can fight on their own.  It is notably non-toxic which probably helps everything work better. The oil used in this type treatment would be the scientific grade with the highest content of CBD.


Thank you for reading this post I would love youir comments and contributions to this important topic.  If you have any testimonials or research leads they would be very welcome. I would again like to mention this is an affiliate website  and I have a finacial affiliation with hempmeds,com, and  I am also working with a hosting platform called Wealthy Affiliate who have helped me with a lot of questions and direction along the way.  If you would like to learn more…https://www.wealthyaffiliate.c…



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