all-things-hemp is all about Agricultural Hemp and is a work in progress as I expand my own knowledge and understanding of the industry. My background: In college I learned to write papers. I studied literature, language and art. My real education began when I worked on my feet every day. I had to pursue good nutrition and to avoid the pitfalls of an unhealthy diet…just to keep working. The result is Ihave  joyfully learned to take as much responsibilty for my own health as possible.

This has led to an exploration of other “good health” topics. Not all grain and seed are good for nutrition – especially with all the changes to agriculture. Industrial Hemp sparked my interest as it offers a hopeful avenue for good health.  It seems like this beneficial crop can lead to health and prosperity for everyone who chooses it.

In this website I purpose to share this interest and present what information I have learned. all-things-hemp is an affiliate website with the intent of supporting and showcasing those involved in the freedom to cultivate and market  industrial hemp.  Industrial hemp (also referred to as agricultural hemp) is defined as the Cannabis variety with less thatn .03% THC and which provides seeds, oil and fibers that contrbute to the well-being of society.  It is extremely beneficial and far-reaching with ultimately a huge variety of products.  This is an effort to raise questions and explore possibilities.  I see all-things-hemp as a hub that offers suggestions and leads as to where to buy hemp products and support its production. While growing hemp goes back many centuries, it is a future-looking and positive agricultural industry. Within this site I have set up links to sellers of hemp products. This makes me an affiliate as I benefit from linking visitors tosome of these  sites. It also helps the visitor who is sincerely partaking in the hemp Industry…and benefiting from it.

To be clear…all-thing-hemp is not about drug policy or the potential good of medical marijuana (I know less about this than most people).  If anything this website seeks to clearly explain the distinction between the two varieties.  Here I discuss the hemp without any pyschoactive effects and it is meant to be a “family – friendly” website.

I hope you will join this exploration with me and offer any helpful comments on these innovative, eco-friendly products that come from the earth and eventually quietly return!  Be well!

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