These are generalized categories as the number of hemp products is actually huge! There are certain companies that specialize in these and have their own brand names. I will be referring to them in other posts as well as providing links to their sites. Also I will be providing product reviews with more detailed information.

Hemp is Building Material!

What is Hempcrete? – Hempcrete Facts

Beneath the bark of the hemp stalk is a woody center called the “shiv” – containing a high silica content. Silica is a compound common in glass, sand and soil….ii is actually a tiny form of quartz. There were concerns about silica particles harming the lungs of workers at the beginning of the century when it was used to create other more traditional building material. Silica happens to bind well with lime. Hempcrete is a bio composite between hemp and a lime binder mixed together in a mortar mixer, then pressed into wooden frames to form hempcrete insulation. This can be done on a construction site or as precast wall units. It is also formed into blocks for building…blocks that could float in water. Once it is dry the texture is stucco-like.

And yes, there are people who live in hempcrete houses. The New York Times reported about a man in Stuyvesant, New York who used it as insulation and now has his own business promoting the use of hemp insulation in “tiny houses” (New York Times July 6, 2015 “Cannabis Construction: Entrepreneurs Using Hemp for Home- Building” by Matt A.V. Chaban).

There are many homes and building constructed using hemp.  There is a 7-story building in France,  a home recently completed in North Carolina,  In the UK there is a home built by Prince Charles as well as a department store…the list goes on.

More about Hempcrete Insulation

Hemp is grown and not mined. Think of the implications! Compared to traditional materials (example: fiberglass) it stands out. There are farmers (and those farmers are veterans) in Appalachia trying to make hemp cultivation into a workable future. I read about them on a website From efforts like theirs comes the industrial hemp used in the insulation:

Hemp Insulation Qualities:

  • it is breathable
  • lightweight…1/8th the weight of concrete
  • fireproof
  • mold proof
  • hardens more with time as the lime calcifies
  • is carbon negative releasing oxygen, absorbing CO2hemp as sustainable building material
  • is non-toxic

What is Hemp Oil? A Bio-fuel, a Food or a Medicine?

Actually it can be all three. Agricultural hemp oil can be substituted for petroleum or it can land on your table as salad dressing. The bio-fuel hemp oil is extracted from the plant…the hemphearts (the seeds) produce the best oil for food and medicine. The food version of hemp oil is either refined (less desirable nutritionally) or unrefined which is known as cold-pressed.  CBD is a component of the plant used for medicinal purposes.
More about cold pressed hemp oil
Industrial Hemp oil  General Uses:

  • soap
  • paints/wood finishes and sealers
  • lubricants
  • hair and skin care products
  • dietary supplement or salad oil
  • oil that can be rubbed into the skin as a pain-reliever

If there is something that contains petroleum it is likely hemp oil can be substituted in for it with great non-toxic results. These products have no VOCs (volatile organic compounds)..the normal toxins released from petroleum containing items. A wonderful truth is that when we are done with it, hemp simply just returns to the earth once again becoming part of the soil.

Examples of this:

  • a hair or skin product that actually is nourishing and provides anti-aging benefits
  • paints and plastics which have hemp oil do not release toxins in use or as they decompose.
  • bio fuel; Industrial Hemp Bio fuel is where hemp is grown with the amazing purpose of substituting for the petroleum we used to fuel our vehicles. This is again amazing since it is non-toxic and carbon negative.

NON GMO Hemp Oil

Industrial Hemp oil as Salad Oil or Dietary Supplement

High in nutritional content, cold-pressed hemp oil is best used at room temperature or very low temperatures. If too hot it actually becomes harmful. It is also “Hemp Wisdom” to buy the oil in a dark container and in small amounts and to refrigerate it so it doesn’t go rancid. Cautions aside, its nutritional profile is very desirable. It promotes general good health.

  • contains perfect balance of essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6
  • ranks number #1 among edible oils for its 75% content of the good polyunsaturated fats
  • has unique additional fatty acids that help cure and prevent illness
  • 25% high quality plant protein..easily digestible
  • composed of essential and non-essential amino acids, making it very useful to cancer patients
  • hugh mineral content
  • antioxigents vitamins A and vitamin E
  • Hemp Nutrition

as a supplement 1-2 tablespoons are recommended.Hemp Foods are Non-Allergenic and top Nutrition!

How do you eat hemp?

    1. Seeds (raw hemp hearts or toasted)

Hemp seed facts

      1. Snacks with the seeds as a component

    Where to buy hemp snacks

      1. Hemp Flour
      2. Hemp Cakes
      3. Hemp Protein Powder
      4. Hemp Milk

    My Hemp Milk Product Review

    1. Hemp Tofu
    2. A multitude of recipes with one or the other of the above

Here is a fun recipe for hemp pesto with matcha tea

Hemp Garments and more

The list of products there is an estimate of 25,000 items being produced with industrial hemp.
Follow this link to a hemp clothing store
The textile industry has long embraced it as there are fabrics made with a blend of hemp and cotton.

The texture of hemp paper makes it very appealing to artists. The potential for hemp paper is great.  Why kill a tree if you don’t have to do it?  Hemp provides more fiber per acre than trees ( or flax or cotton).

Hemp medication, cellaphane, animal feed and bedding, dynamite, food products, boots are all examples of hemp being put to use.

There is much more to come… I hope.

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