Caroline the Crocodile is a hemp dog toy created by the people of Sancho and Lola’s Closet and available at

Caroline is made with hemp fabric with natural dyes. Most dogs love a good toy and this one squeaks.  It is a great outlet for excess energy. These toys are well-made and carefully sourced not only to be fun, but to be healthy for the dog. Having rescued dogs with a lot of special needs, this hemp toy was made for them. There are so many dog toys on the market, but very few of them are good for the dogs. It is great to know “Caroline” and her friends (Squirrels and Pheasants) are available. Sancho and Lola’s Closet is a private label who gives all their profits to help rescue dogs. I give this company a 10 out of 10.


“Caroline the Crocodile” by Sancho + Lola’s Closet

Uses: Makes rescue dogs (and other dogs, even cats and kids) happy

Material: Hemp is the fabric and most of the body

Comments:: Hemp is durable if the dog is a gentle chewer, but won’t hold up to a more aggressive chewer.

Size: 11 inches

Cost: $11.50

Where to buy hemp dog toy:

My rating 10 of 10

Rawganique also makes pet friendly hemp toys.


This toy is a fabric of hemp stuffed with the wool from pet sheep, feet and hands are made of hemp rope. This company started when 2 individuals chose to live off the grid on some islands off the west coast of Canada. Part of their initial and continuing work is to help rescue animals. Made with care, completely safe and sustainable and fun for kids too.

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Hemp is a Pet Friendly Product

Hemp is not only pet friendly, but farm animals are also fond of it. If you are a farm animal, and that farm grows hemp as a crop chances are you receive hemp meal and hemp oil in your diet. Hemp’s nutritional impact provides increased vitality, resistance to disease, pain-free joints and mobility. If you are a hen, your eggs will contain the right balance of Omegas for human consumption. Imagine a thoroughbred horse waking up on a soft dry bed of hemp – a highly desired bedding for thoroughbreds (the Queen of England chooses it for her horses). Or a piglet struggling for life learning to eat hemp cakes and oil as a part of his emerging diet so he can gain strength and live. Cows, sheep and goats all enjoy its benefits.


I hope this review leads you to healthy alternative ways for your dog(s) and other pets to have fun and release energy. My rating is high, but of course it is the dog who will have the final word. Comments are welcomed.





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