Nice texture It is history…specifically art history, that hemp artist canvases were the choice of many of the old (Dutch mostly) Masters. What did these gifted artists experience that caused them to choose hemp for their canvas material? For one, it was widely available. In those days, hemp was everywhere making lives better especially on the oceans being explored…hemp was the material of sails and most nautical ropes. Why? Its strength for one. For the great artists it would also be its archival, mold resistance and a tight, yet soft weave. How does it compare to linen? Perhaps more affordable with the above qualities.

Hemp as Fine Art Material Today!

This is where “research and development” of hemp material start to have meaning. There are undoubtedly many hemp material pioneers out there testing and developing hemp oil as the basis for fine art paints. There are a lot of considerations when developing a new artist medium, but the potential to be great is there. After all acrylics are essentially painting wih a type of plastic and oils use another crop of edible oil seed..flax (linseed oil) so why isn’t hemp in the game and widely on the market? I personally do not know. I do know it is not toxic, however straight from the earth pigments like cadmium and cobalt can be very damaging to our health despite their wonder. This is an area where I hope to learn more. Hemp oil can be substituted for linseed oil and mixed with regular oil paints for a thinning effect. There is a hemp “wax” is also out there…as a thickener similar to en caustics or to prep the canvas differently. This marvelous website features a hemp museum. It describes a hemp varnish!

The Word “Canvas” Comes from the Latin Word “Cannabis”

The fact that there even is a Latin word “cannabis” tells how ancient the hemp crop is and how well-known it was.

What are the properties of a hemp artist canvas? What do we know about the texture? How can it be primed? Using hemp artist wax instead of rabbit-skin glue?

  • Mold-Resistant

  • Archival

  • Soft, tight weave

  • Nice aroma

  • Stretchable and strong..very suitable for the largest of paintings.

Hemp Traders sells hemp artist canvas There are several blends and two different textures for the ones that are 100% hemp. One is a fine weave and the other is more course.

What are the Best Brands of Hemp artist canvas?

  • Hemp Traders
  • Soho Urban Artists Professional Canvases
  • Canvasland.

Where to Buy Hemp artist painting canvases and other fine art material made from hemp?

” target=”_blank”>Soho urban Artists Professional Canvases I have seen these professional grade, eco-friendly canvases available on both jerrysartarama and on amazon. Price comparison is difficult because the size and product are not always a match. The idea of this company is to get a way from the usual cotton artist canvas that is widely for sale. Soho Urban Professional provides these other higher end materials that also support more sustainable crops such as hemp and jute. They also have linen canvases for sale.

Hemp Traders is the largest supplier of hemp fiber in the country…started by Lawrence Serbin in 1990. If you visit their website you will find an extensive list of products and textiles made from hemp fibers. Hemp Traders website.

Artists painting on Hemp Canvases in 2017:

Hemp art could be the art of the future. Often good quality art supplies help inspire and produce beautiful pieces of art.

Here are some artists putting together a show with Hemp as art material

Personally, I some day hope to paint on hemp canvas myself and will keep you posted. Thank you for reading this post. As always, I hope it was helpful and inspiring to read – comments always welcome. many of you will know more than I do!

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