“This is no way, shape or form a medical marijuana thing,” Says Indiana State Senator Blake Doroit. According to a recent article of the Goshen News see the article here there are countless ways CBD oil improves people’s health. This includes general pain relief and treatment for very serious diseases. The State Senator is referring to CBD oil derived from the seeds of the agricultural hemp plant. The very definition of agricultural hemp means it legally contains less than.03% THC. THC is the chemical in marijuana that provides the psychoactive results that make it a controlled substance.

Ananda Hemp and Hempmeds: CBD Oil is Legal in all 50 States

“Section 7606 of the federal law states that regardless of any other federal law (including the Controlled Substances Act), if the growing and cultivation of industrial hemp is allowed under the state laws and overseen by the State Department of Agriculture, then the product can be manufactured and sold as part of the state’s approved hemp pilot program.” This quote is from the Ananda Hemp Company (out of Kentucky.where cultivation is legal) They point out that the 2014 Farm Bill distinguished the hemp plant from the marijuana plant. They are unique from one another. Ananda Hemp and Hempmeds are referring to oil derived from agricultural hemp.

The World Health Organization Approves CBD Use

Forbes Magazine reports… Therefore, there is a consensus that CBD oil is not psychoactive, but has powerful healing properties. The CEO of Hempmeds recently testified before the World Health Organization about CBD classification.

How cannabidoils can help…this is a link to a post I have written on this website. While it is possible to buy CBD oil legally it is advisable to work with a physician.

Amazon also sells CBD oil Please be aware Ananda Hemp and Hempmeds are selling a very pure scientific grade oil. Both companies have distinct excellent products with specific properties.

Does CBD oil come from both Agricultural Hemp and Marijuana?

This is the hottest question. From what I have read the answer is yes. In my understanding, the agricultural hemp version is the legal one at this point. CBD oil is separate from THC so it really shouldn’t matter from which plant it is extracted, but legally I think it does. This is where I seek knowledgeable feedback as I continue to understand more about the distinction.


I am sure there are plenty of reactions and strong feelings about this subject. After all how can something understood to be good for you be so confusing legally? Please feel free to comment and together perhaps we will build a greater good. As I find more information I will add it to this post. Thanks for reading! Wondering what is ahead in 2018 for the Agricultural Hemp Industry!

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