With so many products and uses, it is important to keep up with what is happening in the current industrial hemp research and market. What could be next? Credit cards made out of hemp plastic?

In this post and future posts, I hope to present a few things going on with products and uses. Companies, their details and their brands soon to follow. Here I will also present the current legal status of agricultural hemp in the U.S..  It is a way to open discussion as I might not have the most accurate information because so much is happening. Then costs and current hemp prices along with hemp stock market details.

3-D Printing and Industrial Hemp are entwined

3-D printing has become an amazing reality. Of course, the original filament used to create an object from a 3-D computer-generated image was plastic (often a blue color). Now we are aware that agricultural hemp may be substituted for petroleum (the key component of plastic). The fiber made from hemp has been described as stronger than steel. Therefore, a very durable filament can be made of hemp and used in this remarkable printing process.

3-D Printing and industrial hemp further connect in the fashion industry. At the cutting edge of high-end apparel is the creation of garments using a 3-D printer and a computer generated image – from swimsuits to high fashion on the runways. What better place for hemp filament/fiber to be put to use? This is currently being researched and most likely successful with a hemp composite of some kind.

Organic Hemp Fiber and Garments are in Style.

Sustainable clothing like those made from hemp fabrics have been on the market a long time, but now they have the attention of the fashion industry. .https://www.vogue.com/?us_site… From what I have read, hemp is considered the future of modern clothing. Forbes magazine mentions a high-end apparel brand called Bad Decision Adventure Club (BDAC) who have embraced hemp’s durable fiber to make their own line of clothes. Blended with organic cotton, the resulting fabrics are well-liked because they are breathable and get better with time.  https://www.forbes.com/sites/d… So if you wish to look stylish, hemp clothes might be the way to go. I will soon be dedicating a post to hemp clothing, listing various shops where to find cutting edge organic apparel.

Agricultural Hemp Legal News

Globally many countries have caught on to the strength and power of the hemp industry and it is an essential element of their economies. Several companies overseas have prospered by importing their hemp products to the United States. These include Canada, UK, European countries, Australia and China to name a few. In the U.S..it is another story…as I mentioned in the history section:

1937 prohibition forbid its cultivation.

1983 was another roadblock.

The following link is from 2000 demonstrating increased interest and research.https://www.ers.usda.gov/webdo…

2014 study of Washington University study hemp challenges and opportunities http://ses.wsu.edu/wp-content/…

In 2015 there was a significant law passed allowing for educational research and development with restrictions throughout the US.

13 States currently have statutes allowing for commercial hemp programs: CA, IN, CO, KY, MA, MO, ND, OR, SC, TN, Vermont, NC, + WV. There are 7 other states softening restrictions, focusing on research and development.

Congress is actively reviewing and hopefully passing the 2017 Industrial Hemp Act.

Does allowing commercial cultivation of industrial hemp threaten existing industries? Please feel free to post comments and keep this topic up-to date. I would appreciate your feedback.

Hemp Stock Market Value

Seems like this is futuristic thinking, although recently HEMPMEDS became the first hemp company to be listed on the American Stock Exchange. Their CEO, Raul Elizalda will be speaking at the World Health Organization where the topic is the classification of CBD oil. (ref: ministryofhemp.com) HEMPMEDS produces a high quality scientific -grade CBD oil derived from the hemp plant.

The other day it came to me that maybe it is a good thing that hemp is always regulated and kept apart from other crops in the mainstream. Maybe this helps maintain its purity.  Once it is approved and more widely accepted perhaps it becomes more tainted by the commerce of this world.

I refer you to the following link which also covers medical marijuana companies…a separate subject matter. http://www.thehempcloud.com/in…  

A Canadian company of interest: ICC International Cannabis Corporation.

A U.S. company to look at San Sol, wellness rooted in purity.

Boring Hemp Company(Oregon) , Colorado Hemp Company, and CBDRX  in Colorado are pioneering away in their respective states.  Both States an increased number of hemp growers in 2017!


The above link will lead to information about an upcoming expo on hemp in Loveland, Colorado in April 2018.

Industrial hemp prices (based on import prices from Canada):

  • .39/pound of seed
  • $1.20/pound of seed for industrial planting
  • $200/ton for hemp stalks

Industrial Hemp Opportunities

New York State Hemp initiative is an example of possible hemp grower jobs.

This is the story of pioneers, States verses Federal laws, misrepresentation, misunderstanding and hope.  The ongoing story of the lively, beneficial hemp crop.

The 2017 Industrial Hemp Farming Act HR-3530 is making its way through Congress (ref: https://merryjane.com/news/2017-american-hemp-production-exponential-growth)

Websites that help keep you up-to-date and informed: http://votehemp.com (Eric Steenstra, President). Here you will also find calls for action and things you can do to be involved in having the legislation passed.  http://hemp.com is very informative and in touch with hemp growers. Ministryofhemp.com is also a great resource. I have referenced all three as sources for the all-things-hemp.com website.

What Research and Discoveries are being made about Hemp in 2018?

In 2017 research and development have been funded and encouraged at universities and scientific institutions across the country.  There is a great deal being uncovered and tested about CBD oil and its potential treatment for pain relief, epileptic seizures and cancer. The fabrics made from hemp have proven to be resistant to staph infection…which could mean sheets and towels for hospitals, hotels or military uses.

I have written 2 articles exploring both innovative hemp products and also hemp as a renewable resource in every day life. Click on these separate links if you would like to have a look:

It also means military uniforms…ask China about that one.

To keep us all informed please feel free to mention any other current trends and events in the comments below this post. All feedback is appreciated. I hope this section was helpful and will lead to more good things, thank you.





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