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Can Drinking Straws Be Made From Hemp?

Who would have guessed drinking straws could create such a stir!? If you have listened to the news from California….plastic drinking straws are a serious environmental problem! They certainly don’t return to the earth like the renewable resource hemp. Unfortunately we are all in the habit of using plastic drinking straws as well as plastic…

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2018 Current Industrial Hemp News

With so many products and uses, it is important to keep up with what is happening in the current industrial hemp research and market. What could be next? Credit cards made out of hemp plastic? In this post and future posts, I hope to present a few things going on with products and uses. Companies,…

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Industrial Hemp History is our History

Agricultural hemp history is ancient and “the first” in so many categories. It is stunning to read of its past and then reflect on its disrupted current status. It is as if a hero were slandered and left with a sullied reputation. Heroes often bounce back. For a more clear detailed timeline I refer you…

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