Who would have guessed drinking straws could create such a stir!? If you have listened to the news from California….plastic drinking straws are a serious environmental problem! They certainly don’t return to the earth like the renewable resource hemp. Unfortunately we are all in the habit of using plastic drinking straws as well as plastic grocery bags. Both are found in waterways and landfills contributing to the toxicity of the world. The debate is really fired up because there is a politician proposing a law fining, or possibly jailing, waitstaff in restaurants if they serve a straw without a specific request from the customer. I think the cause is important and this politician has effectively raised awareness.(Although I think the law thing might be a bit much) So what are the alternatives to plastic drinking straws?

Drinking Straws are being made of Glass: the “Covers” made from Hemp!

” target=”_blank”>Glass straws can be purchased in sets. Most sets also provide cleaning brushes and a cover. There are several sources and types of these covers.

Glass is certainly reusable as straws and ” target=”_blank”>Amazon sells some of these hemp covers. The idea is to have a cover to carry the reusable straws with you. In the fifties people carried fancy cigarette cases which were stylish…the potential is there with these hemp straw covers. How else should we carry them with us except in a straw cover made from a completely renewable resource? Also, there are straws made from renewable bamboo ” target=”_blank”>Reusable Bamboo Straws and there are reusable straws made from stainless steel. Which ever one you choose it is a great step for a cleaner environment!

Bio Plastics and Bio Composites in Every Day Use – Time to Start!

Hemp is a friendly crop that gets along with others. Very often you will find it combined with other renewable resources as a fabric or as a “plastic” resulting in durable useful products. What else could be made renewable/reusable?. There are so many little plastics things in our lives; where should we start? Hair combs? Pens? Electronic devices? Follow this link for ” target=”_blank”>wooden toothbrushes. Many items can be re-thought and are being re-invented by innovative cottage industries throughout the world. Here are a few examples:

The best example of an everyday use would be toilet paper. Apparently, hemp pulp makes an excellent renewable toilet paper. Green Field Paper Company makes hemp toilet paper. Amazon sells ” target=”_blank”>bamboo toilet paper. My guess: the cost of this product could come down if more people bought it.

Hemp bio composite eye glass frames are stylish and renewable..Fashion boots are currently made of hemp and sold by Rawganique. And if you have never thought about it why not try some hemp coffee? To learn more about what can be made with hemp click here and check out this article I posted.

Thriving Industrial Hemp Means More Bio Composites

There is a lot of research and development that will lead to healthier happier environmental alternatives. That is what is going on with the hemp industry. The groundwork is being laid while the laws are being decided. Farmers need quality seeds and people to want hemp products. Buyers are markets of the raw materials that must be processed. The processing involves buildings and workers. Hemp products then need to be desirable, so it has to be high quality and people need to be more hemp informed. The products then need to be marketed, distributed and sold. Also, the selling of products involves technical and financial support. I suppose it is a web of hemp infrastructure that needs to be put in place in order to succeed. Also a savvy hemp consumer base would help tremendously. The more people realize how far and wide hemp can reach the better. That way the farmer is not growing a particular kind of seed that is for a smaller market. It is daunting and yet this article started with simple drinking straws. Every effort no matter how small seems to be a piece of the puzzle towards the goal of a free and thriving agricultural hemp industry.

Local Hemp Industry Growth Needs More than Farming

Industrial hemp has been restricted in the United States since the thirties which means there are not many quality hemp seeds hanging around. So a good hemp seed selection has to be built up. The farmers of today tend to choose cultivars that yield good seed and oil. These are the most marketable parts of the plant leading to well-known hemp products. It is more ideal to have buyers for every part of the plant. Hats off to the research and development…finding more ways to incorporate the benefits of agricultural hemp into every day lives. That way there are buyers because farmers need a market for their crops in order to grow them.

Industrial Hemp Needs Our help in order to Flourish.

In conclusion, let’s learn more, discuss more, buy more and support the legalization of growing industrial hemp in the United States. Let’s help farmers who are hemp pioneers and Let’s finance research and development to help find practical solutions to our plastic lives. And the next time we sip from a straw let it be re-usable found neatly stored in a straw cover made from hemp! Thanks for reading this post. Do you know of any every day items that could be made from hemp?





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