I don’t know about you, but most people I know love to have something to rub onto their skin when they experience pain and soreness. Topical pain relief is a highly desirable solution. This is especially true for those with chronic pain. It is even better when something is non-prescription and actually works. In this article I will be discussing:

  1. hemp as a cream/lotion,
  2. hemp as a salve,
  3. hemp as an essential oil,
  4. hemp as a CBD oil and
  5. hemp as a scientifically graded CBD oil.

I will point out the differences and the benefits and give you a few places where you can find them for purchase. I hope to present the choices that provide the best value for the most effective product.We all want something that is affordable and easy to purchase. I have had good results with other topical pain relievers and will mention them, although they do not use hemp oil. I want to include them because it is good to share with you any successful pain relief in hopes that it helps. Though not an expert, rather I have been looking into these products trying to assemble helpful information.

There are many reasons for pain. It can be repetitive injury, muscle over use, or arthritis, but for the most part, pain has to do with inflammation. Inflammation essentially is our body’s response to injury on any level. Inflammation can be improved through dietary changes as well as topical applications. One reason industrial hemp and the oils derived from it help with pain is hemp’s high concentration and perfectly balanced “good fats”. Industrial hemp really stands out in this nutritional feature…its balanced nature calms the inflammation and lessens the stress our bodies are experiencing. Click here for a quick nutritional profile of the agricultural hemp plant.

Can Hemp Moisturizing Cream also Relieve Pain?

I have read a review that one particular brand actually does soften, moisturize and relieve pain at the same time. I followed the links from this website to buy the product and found Amazon sold it as a sample. I have used ” target=”_blank”>Hempz Herbal Body Moisturizer. Truly my hands felt both soft and moisturized. I was also aware of some pain relief. Unlike the writer who led me to this product I found the fragrance a bit much, like a sweet strawberry candy. Many others told me they liked the smell. In theory, the cream contains anti-inflammatory properties, but I wonder if it is concentrated enough to make a big difference. As I always say “Hemp gets along well with others” so of course there is a long list of ingredients…most of which I recognize as OK or good. I would like a simpler product with fewer ingredients. I will update this post with my personal results. ” target=”_blank”>RealTime is a company that sells hemp oil pain relief cream but they combine with other ingredients that are anti-inflammatory pain relievers such as turmeric and arnica. Their product seems to be a winner, but it is price due to the quality of the product ingredients.

Does Hemp as a Salve Provide Topical Pain Relief? How to Make Your Own Hemp Salve:

Here is the rub… I think a hemp salve would be great, but it will all depend on how it is made, what oil is actually used and that the other ingredients enhance the good effect. This is why it might be a good idea to make you own customized salve to have around in times of need.

The following link will lead you to the video that served as my primary source of how to make your own hemp salve.

To start with, you will need a steel pot and a heat source or a slow cooker. Start by melting 1 part beeswax (1/2 pound), then add 4 parts unrefined organic coconut oil (2 lbs) until clear and then add 1 part aloe vera (8 oz). It needs to be completely blended then cooled enough to see a film on top. Here is where you add 4 parts (2 lbs.) cold press hemp oil (or a little more) blend in and add an essential oil for further healing properties transfer to jars and let cool. Then refrigerate.

I have seen recipes for hemp massage oil as well. ” target=”_blank”>Restorative Botanicals makes a salve combining hemp oil and arnica oil called comfort balm. Sounds like a winning combination!

The video I referenced was made at the Pine Ridge South Dakota Oglala Sioux Tribe reservation. They cultivate hemp now but had excessive legal obstacles for 20 years. Only in May 2016 did they get the legal clearance to grow hemp They also make hemp paper and have built a hemp house.


Hemp Essential Oil is More for Aromatherapy!

Aromatherapy is a great path to wellness and it is wonderful to learn that essential hemp oil has its place among the other big names. The essential oil is distilled from the stems, flowers and leaves (learn more from HempTraders who sell their own brand) and has a pleasant relaxing aroma. Mixed with a carrier oil the essential oil version is still anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal, but does not contain CBD…which is found in the seeds. Please refer to a recent post on this website which discusses CBD and its benefits. All essential oil have a distinct scent and industrial hemp is deep and grassy. Many find it has a calming effect.

CBD Oil derived from Industrial Hemp is Legal and Can Reduce Pain!

CBD oil is right there for sale on Amazon in various forms. Cold-pressed has the most nutrition and absorbs gently through the skin. Source: Click here Many think CBD oil means oil from the marijuana plant which also has psychoactive effects. What this article (in fact, the website all-things-hemp.com) refers to is the CBD oil derived from another plant in the cannabis family: industrial or agricultural hemp which has no psychoactive effects. The oil from seeds is generally used as a nutritional supplement or even a cooking ingredient like a salad dressing. This is the oil easily found at the market. Beyond that are higher grades derived from the entire plant which yield a rich concentrate of cannabidoil (CBD)…usually resulting in calmness and pain relief. A great environment for our bodies to heal.

Scientific Grade CBD Oil goes Beyond Pain Relief; Many believe it can Treat Disease!

Scientific grade CBD oil is carefully sourced and prepared to get the highest cannadidoil concentrate. We have receptors in our bodies for these and once they connect positive things happen physically. Once again it is all about the seed and where it is sourced.Ananda is a company in Kentucky where it is legal to grow industrial hemp. They are very careful to study and source seeds from all over the world…including the Himalayas. The purpose is to provide a full”spectrum” of cannabidoils that can be extracted deepening the healing reach of their product. Hempmeds is another company that provides these high level oils as well as Bluebird Botanicals.

High Peak Full Spectrum Hemp Oil can be purchased on Amazon.

Let’s talk about the cannabinoids and what makes them desirable There are numerous cannabinoids and CBD is just one of them. While research continues to identify their good effects many companies work hard at sourcing as many as possible. Ananda Hemp sources their hemp seed from every continent for this purpose. The following product contains active cannabidoils and terpenes in a cold pressed hemp carrier oil. Click here to learn more about the active healing chemicals that can be extracted from the hemp plant.


Here are Three Other Topical Pain Relief Products I Have Had Success Using:

” target=”_blank”>Weleda Arnica oil

Arnica is a plant that has long been used holistically to treat pain. I find this European company knows what they are doing as this oil is superior to other versions of arnica being sold. Amazon has a decent price compared to buying off the shelf in stores. Arnica has a warm healing pleasant odor and penetrates well for quick relief.

Tropicin out of Rhinebeck New York

This is a patented product that has coconut based ingredients listed on the label. Whatever they are doing this is a nice product. It is not greasy, seems to go right into the skin and after a few minutes you are not thinking about pain, but moving on with your day. Odor free


Magnesium…as a lotion.

It stings and it dries on your skin like a salt…that is because it is a salt…It is the mineral magnesium. It is sourced from mineral rich seabeds. Magnesium is a wonderful muscle relaxer ( think of Epson salt) and it is the first thing I grab for neck tension or a leg cramp. It blends well in small amounts with the other two products I have noted. Many people are low in magnesium and it can improve mood as well.

Magnesium Rub

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. It is my sincere hope that it has offered you some helpful information for yourself or someone you know. I would appreciate any comment and feedback that contributes to all of us learning more about industrial hemp.




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