Organic Hemp Oil Soap has Great Benefits for your Health!

Hemp oil infused soap bars are a very nutritional way to wash up and leave your skin super soft. The skin is our largest organ and so often it protects us from toxins. It seems such a simple and obvious approach to use chemical free bubbles to cleanse away all the poisons of the day. Our skin is a great way to absorb vitamins. I always look for creams that are natural and have vitamins D, C, E or A and make my skin feel good. Also, these soaps are made of other healthy ingredients often including essential oils and all their goodness.

The perfect balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 essential fatty acids and the presence of more unique and specialized fatty acids GLA, oleic acid and stearidonic acid….is what makes hemp oil products so great. It this very powerful and unique balance which enables hemp to help cure and prevent illness. These fatty acids are anti-inflammatory and ease swelling resulting in pain reduction. They also boost your immune system, reduce oxidation and make your eyes healthy. All good reasons to lather up!

Soap is one of the simple necessities of life and hemp is here to make it pleasurable and good for you. I have often noted that hemp gets along with others…so many products are composites and blends using hemp and another friendly component. Here is one possible combination as a possible hemp soap made at home:

Hemp Soap can be Made at Home – Here is How:

Making hemp soap is pretty straight forward and well worth the effort. By making your own hemp soap you are saving money and revitalizing your skin. It is a great way to avoid the harmful chemicals always found in store bought brand soap. There are actually many toxic ingredients in most store bought beauty products. We have just gotten used to them. These toxic outlaws include: parabens, synthetic dyes and fragrances, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, just to name a few. The irony of calling these guys “outlaws” is that industrial hemp is toxin-free and yet seems to be the one with the rap sheet.

Hemp soap is protective, has been seen as an effective cure for rough, dry skin and even eczema.

One super simple approach is to buy a hard natural soap (like Shea butter) without additives and to gently melt it down..then add a few oils of your own… the hemp oil (no more than 15%), coconut oil (this one will help make a lather) and olive oil. Combine a few essential oils like frankincense and rosemary along with a few cut herbs. pour melted combination into ceramic or silicone molds let it harden and set. Remember hemp oil can go rancid if you use too much so follow these guidelines.

Let’s look at the mundane nature of every day soap: It is basically a salt resulting from a chemical reaction between two opposing Ph factors in the different ingredients. So think of your kitchen as a laboratory and show everyone out because there are serious risks and safety precautions that need to be taken. The danger is because you will need to use lye (sodium hydroxide) to really start from scratch. It can blind or burn so be careful. This will provide an alkaline Ph and the acidic Ph will come from the fatty acids in the oils that are to be added.


  1. Safety Googles and gloves
  2. Measuring instruments
  3. 2 Steel pots for this purpose
  4. Heat source
  5. Ceramic or silicone cake molds

List of ingredients:

  • 8 ounces hemp seed oil cold -pressed
  • 8 ounces olive oil
  • 6 ounces Raw African Shea butter
  • 8 ounces cold pressed Coconut oil
  • Herbs or essential oils
  • 4.5 ounces Lye beads
  • 12 ounce cold water


The Process:

Wear your googles and protective gloves and start with the water and the lye. This is where to really be careful as the lye has to be gently added to the water…there’s no rush and stir it in with a wooden spoon so the lye dissolves. It will need to cool because of the chemical reaction.

In a steel pot on low heat melt the Shea butter(first) and coconut oil. In the other pan warm the olive oil then pour it slowly into the other pan once all is melted.

Check the temperature of this mixture and that it is completely blended. Here are some important things to pay attention to..the heat needs to be turned off once the temperature is 100 degrees. Then add the water/lye slowly whisking it together. As you do, it will thicken. The all important goal is to have these oils combine to the point where they are no longer individual oils. The test is to let a little drip off the whisk and it should leave a “trace” of the drip as it returns to the mixture. Add your peppermint oil and rosemary or your orange oil and frankincense oil. Cut herbs and add a few hemp seeds…in other words, make it your own. At this point the mix can be poured into the molds where it should stay a few weeks to be certain it is fully set.

The Result:

Soft, healthy, fragrant, happy skin! Thank you hemp!

Where can you buy Hemp Soap?

It is possible you would like to avoid the soap making process and just buy your hemp soap. What is nice is that while it used to be a bit rare, now there are many cottage industries and larger hemp companies that produce bar soaps and related cleansing products including shampoos.


Hemp Traders


The Simplicity of Organic Hemp Rope:Hold on to This!

Natural hemp fibers are twisted in opposite directions making a twine which is again twisted in opposite directions making simple rope. And what does rope do? It connects, binds, suspends, you can use it to pull something toward you… a dog or a donkey or secure a bundle of sticks.

There are many variations of hemp rope and twine. Many artists have found it a wonderful material for webbing and sculpture and crochet.

hemp rope hammockThese hemp fibers/twines and ropes are so basic and yet they lead to so many remarkable things.  Since we are already relaxing from washing up with hemp soap, I thought I would further that with hammocks made from hemp…suspended between two trees by hemp rope.

For many years, hemp rope was used for nautical purposes. It was a better performer at sea than other natural fibers…very strong, less likely to swell with water, mold-resistant, but it did freeze in super cold temperatures. Hemp fibers are short in comparison to nylon which has out done hemp on most ships today.

Where to Buy Hemp Rope? There are Many Specialized Versions.

Hemp Traders has been providing hemp rope since 1990. Their website gives you exact specifications for the hemp rope you need.

Rawganique provide a video on their website showcasing the numerous forms and shapes of hemp rope.6mm hemp rope

Hemp Dog Straps and Hemp Rope Toys…are ways to provide hemp for our pets.

You can wash your dog and lead your dog with hemp.  Animals respond positively to hemp so maybe this hemp dog lead will be very useful in training your dog. After your dog does his/her training perhaps they would enjoy some playtime with this dog toy…a simple hemp rope.  

I always like to mention animals in my posts as they truly are proponents of agricultural hemp.

Industrial Hemp is a Simple and Patient Crop!

I would conclude agricultural hemp is a patient crop. Hemp knows how much it has to offer and it seems to be waiting until we are ready – it is right there all along. I chose to describe hemp soap and hemp rope in the same post not just because they rhyme. One you can lather up and one you can tie into a knot; and yet they come from one plant. It is because hemp is potentially a part of so many every day items. Simplicity is a wonderful thing. Hemp is not complicated and very useful. I hope to see it appreciated and prospering as so many others have. When something could help supply our “ordinary”lives  with such positive qualities we should embrace and support it…certainly not walk on by or even worse..shut it down.

Maybe you will try to make the hemp soap or walk your dog with a hemp rope.I would love to hear bout it. Please leave your feedback and comments. They will be appreciated!





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