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My Story

This website is all about Agricultural Hemp and is a work in progress as I expand my own knowledge and understanding of the industry. In school, I learned to write papers. My real education began when I worked on my feet every day. I had to pursue good nutrition and to avoid the pitfalls of an unhealthy diet…just to keep working. The result: I joyfully learned to take as much responsibility for my own health as possible.

This has led to exploration of other good health related topics. Not all grain and seed are good for digestion, especially with all the changes in modern agriculture. Industrial Hemp sparked my interest as it offers a hopeful alternative and possible prosperity because its essence is beneficial. With so many attributes it seems that there is something in it for everyone.

I purpose to fill this space with authentic, researched information that would serve anyone truly interested in pursuing it. It is also about providing links to people who sell its products. It is exciting to me since so many possibilities are there to discover. A clean alternative in our time and for future generations.

When I read about individuals cultivating hemp I find it very inspiring. For example, there are veterans in Appalachia who have taken it on with some success. It seems to have been a good move to improving their lives and increasing their livelihood. I hope sites like this are helpful to all involved.

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