Product: Elmsbury Hemp Bed Sheets “World’s first and only organic European hemp sheets”

Organic Hemp Sheets

Company who makes them: Rawganique

Cost of Elmsbury Hemp Bed Sheets: Priced according to size (view their size chart).

Example: King-Size flat sheet $259. They might have an updated price.

Shipping Policy:Free shipping on orders over $250; usually ships in 24 hours.

My Rating: 9 out of 10


This product is luxury hemp bedding, hand-crafted from start to finish by a small company located in Washington State, British Columbia and parts of Europe called Rawganique. Elmsbury hemp bedding and the company who makes them deserve recognition. Before I begin this review, I disclose the fact that this website is hosted by an affiliate platform called Wealthy Affiliate

They have provided me with tools and lessons on how to build a website and be an affiliate of other companies…effectively linking visitors to the companies that sell products. I am signed up with Rawganique’s affiliate program and will benefit financially if you visit Rawganique from here and choose to buy.

That said I am seeking to provide an objective review that would be helpful to the customer and supportive of the industry.

Rawganique is celebrating 20 years as a sustainable company.

It began in 1997 and it seems Rawganique does have a lot to be proud of – offering start to finish, hand-crafted hemp products. The ideals of this company are noble. 20 years ago, two people dared to live on islands in British Columbia with the goal of living “off-the-grid”, saving animals, growing their own food and making their own clothes. This eventually led to the creation of a company that sold homemade clothes and related hand-made products to others. These products are very high quality, unique and obviously made with care. When visiting their website, they emphasize the purity of their products and the fact that no sweat shops are required. In comparison, the average bed sheet on the global market has some explaining to do…where sweat shops area a big factor as well as health damaging chemicals and cotton industry pesticides. Usual manufacturing processes of average store bought sheets are harmful to the environment. Rawganique has taken an ethical and meaningful stance by offering their products to the general market place. Even in comparison to other manufacturers of organic hemp bedding they stand out because it is cultivated and processed in their own facilities.

Rawganique grows their own hemp. Remember, that means work. Hemp seeds grow fast, require little water, create deep good for the soil roots and stalks. the outer fibers of the stalks are called bast leading to long strands usable in cloth and the inner core is woody..called hurds. (Reference: The separation starts in the field with a process called “retting”, the stalks are baled, then further processed. The hurd is removed by breaking the stalks and the strands are cleaned.

Natural hemp fiber is long and very strong due to its high silica content. Once it is prepared it can be woven into fabric and textiles. hemp gets along with others and blends well with organic cotton (flax and wool too)..resulting in organic hemp bedding.

What does someone want when they purchase luxury hemp bedding?

When a person buys luxury hemp bedding, they have made a thoughtful purchase. What is it that leads them to buy hemp as bed linen?

      • A desire to support the hemp industry.
      • Ethical concerns, as hemp is sustainable, carbon negative and, in the case of Rawganique, no sweatshops are involved.
      • The tactile experience: it is soft and comfortable..gets softer with time.
      • It lasts! Hemp is naturally durable.
      • Breatheability of the fiber: also when it is cold outside it traps your body heat; when it is hot out it keeps you cool.
      • Hemp has anti-bacterial properties that help prevent staph infections.
      • It is chemical and pesticide free
      • no metals required
      • Non-GMO
      • No formaldehyde (yes, it is common in the average sheet on the global market).
      • resists mold and mildew
      • has a light, pleasant, grassy aroma
      • no cancer-causing dioxin

Do organic hemp sheets do well once they are washed and dried?

I noticed Rawganique provides its customers with washing instructions. They also remind their customers that their products are hand-crafted and some variations to the fabric are to be expected. This company seems to stick to neutral colors. Generally, hemp fabrics are known to hold up well and soften more with washing and drying..maintaining their color-fastness. In one on line review of the company, a customer found the texture of the material was not as luxurious as she expected. Rawganique suggests in their website that you first buy a pillowcase and testing it out to see if their hemp/organic cotton blend is what you personally want in a sheet. As for spot removal,hemp is known for easy clean up.

Rawganique: return policy

Once the sheets are opened and washed the product cannot be returned because they can no longer guarantee the purity of the product.

Agricultural Hemp companies face challenges.

Elmsbury organic hemp bed sheets cost differs from other hemp sheets (Kelly green organics, Hempwick for example) probably reflective of the fact that they cultivate, weave and finish them all within their own company. These days that is pretty amazing.

As a small company Rawganique customer service has not always received the best reviews…slow and non-responsive to concerns. This might be due to the fact that it is a small company, but it would be a good idea if they strengthened this side of their business. There are also times they can have unavailable inventory..once more likely related to their size.

The other struggle they are facing has to do with a misunderstanding from their bank resulting in a canceled account. Apparently the bank has confused their agricultural hemp product line with its illegal cousin. Agricultural hemp is in fact defined by its very low concentration of THC and although they are the same species they are not the same plant. It is worth checking out their website for new developments.

Thank you for reading this review, it would be helpful to receive your comments.





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