. Every baby appreciates eco-friendly, non-toxic products made with natural hemp! No doubt your baby will love the comfort without knowing the non-toxic or the nutritional benefits. It is worthwhile to buy hemp products for your baby, but it important to determine if it is right for you as hemp products currently cost more than generally available products.

This is not an easy decision for some as cost and convenience are high priority when baby arrives. This post is designed to be a helpful showcase of which hemp baby products are being sold and to see if they would be a benefit to you and your family.

Why buy or use hemp products at all? Agricultural hemp is kind of a wonder with a sparkling load of applications that could improve individual lives and society as a whole. In this website I have written other posts which highlight many of the benefits of agricultural hemp and others that provide the basics of hemp’s nutritional profile. Agricultural hemp has a flourishing yet misunderstood history. Because I am referring to “your baby” l need to be very clear that agricultural hemp is not psychoactive…and the THC level is less than .03%. There is a related cannabis plant that is a controlled substance and has nothing to do with these amazing, comforting, allergy-free products.

Here is important buyer criteria for hemp baby products!

  • Is the product safe for your baby?
  • Is it durable; can it really take the wear and tear of everyday life?
  • Is it appealing? Does it taste good, feel good? smell good? look good? …after all we are talking babies.
  • Are there really nutritional health benefits that stand out?
  • Is it something you can afford to buy?
  • Where can you buy quality, organic hemp baby products?

Here is my line-up of the 5 best organic hemp baby products for 2018:

I always try to leave with a question as hemp is a re-emerging industry and we should have questions!

1)The Best Hemp Baby Swaddling Blanket! How Comforting!

There is a company out of California that is essentially a cottage industry that started in 2009 called ilovebad. They have a shop on etsy.com and sell many of their organic hemp “essentials” on Amazon which is where I found these baby swaddling blankets. The blankets are a double layer of 55% hemp “fleece” and 45% organic cotton The color choices are lavender, tangerine or sea foam green. It is unique that they have hemp fleece (SOFT) as usually that is a man-made component. ilovebad uses

” target=”_blank”>Hemp Traders as their distributor. The blankets are described as having the weightiness that leads to good sleep at the same time being lightweight. Hemp is known for its all weather features….allowing you to feel very warm in the winter and cool in the summer without the sweat factor because it is also a breathable material. Hemp is known for its durability (and also for a fair amount of lint at the start). ” target=”_blank”>Click here to learn more about these hemp blankets!
The conclusion is this mold and bacteria resistant fabric is non-toxic, very comforting and safe for your baby.

The cost is $54 plus shipping on Amazon and because it is a durable fabric- well worth it. When the day finally arrives and it is time to throw away the blanket…hopefully after years of loving use, rest assured hemp just returns to the earth without a carbon footprint.

2) Best Hemp Diapers for Your Baby! What is selling in 2018!

This is what matters when it comes to diapers:

Do they fit? Do they leak? Do they rub? Do they hold up in the wash?

And if you are considering hemp as a diaper you are also looking for an eco-friendly approach to an age-old necessity. Also hemp is non-toxic, it doesn’t require pesticides, it is bacteria resistant and hypo-allergenic. These are practical concerns in our modern times. Remember: hemp comes from the earth and simply returns to the earth.

I have chosen the ” target=”_blank”>Heavy wetter hemp/organic cotton nighttime diaper by Ecoable for sale in a pack of two with inserts for sale on Amazon. These need a diaper cover to completely work. This product is made in China …a country that is ahead of the United States in hemp cultivation. Apparently parents with infants who sleep through the night are very happy with these diapers and how well they hold up. They don’t leak or rub…and they can handle a heavy wetter…and that’s not easy. The inserts are a big help with absorbency.

” target=”_blank”>diapers for a heavy wetter

Thirsties, Inc is a cottage industry out of Colorado and they make an absorbent cloth hemp diaper with a patented pre-fold design. Thirsties are more for everyday diaper wear and come in two sizes…they can be folded in different ways that help soak up wetness.! ” target=”_blank”>click here to learn more about Thirsties on Amazon

Thirsties get mixed reviews in the “do they hold up in the wash?” category. Some are very satisfied while others found these hemp diapers actually came apart after being washed a few times and were not worth the money. I wonder if it is because individuals are hard at work in a new industry where there is still a learning curve. It seems to me hemp and organic cotton as a blend are most effective.

There is another company who have the cloth diaper made with hemp and cotton and they include bright colorful prints on the outer wrap. They have the same two part system using the hemp cloth as the insert to do the soak up and the snug but not rubbing outer wrap to protect from seepage. This is one of the best hemp diaper companies out there in my opinion called Ragababe and they also source from Hemp Traders. Click here to learn more and find out how to order!

3) Best Hemp Baby Clothing out There… More Choices Than Ever!

How about a 100% organic cotton fabric “onesie” by Rawganique? Well it is sure cute and soft and eco-friendly and, even though it is 100% cotton without the hemp, it deserves a mention, for its sustainability and hypoallergenic features alone!. Rawganique is a company that primarily manufactures products made with hemp fabrics. A nice quality about hemp is that it chums up well with other sustainable products…often fabrics are a blend of hemp and 100% organic cotton. It pairs well with flax and bamboo too. To see a soft bamboo towel with bear ears for baby click here The great thing for your baby is the material is soft and durable without chemicals…something that is quite difficult to guarantee for anyone.

This ORGANIC COTTON ONESIE BABYBODIES comes in 4 sizes…the smallest fits 3-6 month old the largest 18-24 month old. It has a snap crotch and the shoulders overlap.

The cost is $14.00

It is made by Rawganique in the USA without sweat shop labor…making it more a labor of love.

This onesie goes well with a BABY AVIATOR ORGANIC HAT also by Rawganique made of the same 100% organic cotton. It is also soft and cute and costs $11.00 ( I noticed at the time of this post it is half price!).

organic cotton baby onesies


What is all the fuss about 100% organic cotton versus the conventional cotton we are all used to wearing? This website for ONNO tee shirts out of Colorado will give you a good idea about the negatives of conventional cotton. In summary, it is the USA’s second largest crop and tons of pesticides of the worst kind are used to grow it. The cultivation also requires a huge amount of water and often times cotton goes to sweat shops for the final steps of production. If I might add, about the time that hemp cultivation became forbidden in the U.S., cotton became the industry leader. There is more to that story…

Click here to see adorable onesie made with organic cotton blended with hemp it is called a Hemp Snappie made by earth creations out of Alabama. It is only available in a very natural color called moss. This company dyes their hemp cloth with natural clay. How very wonderful! This hemp snappie costs $19.95 was also made with love and fits 12 months.

” target=”_blank”>kids hemp tee, click here to learn more these are made with hemp and by wearing them your kids can help change the world! I have also found shops that sell hemp baby clothes on etsy.com.

4) Hemp Baby Soap and Gentle Hemp Baby Bottom Cream

“MILD” is the adjective and here again hemp’s quality oil offers healing comforts that cleanse and restore.hemp soap

Rawganique makes body care products using hemp oil..nutrient dense and gentle makes it a perfect soap for baby. Most baby’s skin is sensitive to chemicals so lather your baby with this comforting reality that there are pure chemical free non-toxic cleansing products available to buy. This soap is Rawganique’s Organic Hemp Soap Bar and it costs $6.50.

Dr. Bronners - Organic Baby Magic Balm Unscented - 2 oz.Dr, Bronner’s soap and balms are known for using hemp oil as well as coconut oil and other gentle non-toxic ingredients. This companies products are available on Amazon.

5) Best Hemp Baby Food… Mashed Avocado with Hemp Hearts!

Is your baby 7 months or older? Maybe it is time to include hemp hearts or hemp protein powder in your baby’s diet. How and why? According to this little foodies website hemp provides such a balance of super food nutrition in easy to digest form that they are perfect for children…even very young ones. Hemp is high in balanced plant protein and EFAs that we all need. Ruth Aaron provides the recommended serving size for your toddler so as not to overdo at too early an age. I don’t know if you have ever tried hemp hearts (raw and hulled hemp seeds), but they are almost “buttery” and quite soft and most children are very happy to eat them. Do what makes sense with your baby of course…some ways to serve hemp hearts is to mix into mashed baby foods (avocado, sweet potato, bananas etc) or sprinkled on yogurt. A very easy way to serve hemp is to blend hemp protein powder into a smoothie or similar .hempinformer is a good website to verify recommended serving sizes. Remember good balance nutrition leads to a happy baby and a happy baby make for a happy you…but you know that already! Click here if you are looking to buy organic hemp hearts!

Hemp milk would also work well for your toddler. This website recommends it with the caution to buy organic and check the salt content. I wrote this review of hemp milk for this website.

In Conclusion, Babies and Hemp Go Together!

I hope this post at least pointed you in some helpful directions if you are considering various hemp baby products for your infant or toddler. Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback if you have thoughts or questions related to this post. Thank you for taking the time to read it.




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