Month: January 2018

Can Drinking Straws Be Made From Hemp?

Who would have guessed drinking straws could create such a stir!? If you have listened to the news from California….plastic drinking straws are a serious environmental problem! They certainly don’t return to the earth like the renewable resource hemp. Unfortunately we are all in the habit of using plastic drinking straws as well as plastic…

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hemp butterfly

“Hemp Hemp Hooray -The Growing Industrial Hemp Market”: A Hemp Video Review

There is a simple UFO TV video available on Amazon Hemp Hemp Hooray – The Growing Industrial Hemp Market 2017 that effectively showcases a large variety of hemp products. It does this by documenting an Industrial Hemp Expo (First Annual Santa Cruz Industrial Hemp Expo). 85 Industrial Hemp Vendors attended. The film maker gave most…

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My Story and the Purpose of all-things-hemp

all-things-hemp is all about Agricultural Hemp and is a work in progress as I expand my own knowledge and understanding of the industry. My background: In college I learned to write papers. I studied literature, language and art. My real education began when I worked on my feet every day. I had to pursue good nutrition and…

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Beneficial Hemp Soap and Hemp Rope are Simple Wonders of the World!

Organic Hemp Oil Soap has Great Benefits for your Health! Hemp oil infused soap bars are a very nutritional way to wash up and leave your skin super soft. The skin is our largest organ and so often it protects us from toxins. It seems such a simple and obvious approach to use chemical free…

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5 Best Hemp Products for Your Baby in 2018! Comforting Chemical- Free Choices

. Every baby appreciates eco-friendly, non-toxic products made with natural hemp! No doubt your baby will love the comfort without knowing the non-toxic or the nutritional benefits. It is worthwhile to buy hemp products for your baby, but it important to determine if it is right for you as hemp products currently cost more than…

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