Here is my list of 10 affordable gifts made from agricultural hemp for the 2017 Holiday season and where to buy them online. I have linked a few product reviews to help determine which brand hemp product will get you the quality you want for the price you are willing to pay. As far as I am concerned, all hemp brands are good with few exceptions. In this list I am presenting 10 gifts made of sustainable hemp material and fibers for under $20. This Holiday gift list is for those who are on a budget, but want to buy products produced from hemp.(Let’s face it, there are plenty of us). Many hemp products are made by hand with care in cottage industries. Those made by larger companies still face high costs especially if they are avoiding sweatshops for their labor or have to sort through regulations and laws.

Why buy natural hemp products for the 2017 gift giving season?

For the QUALITY!

  • Hemp is durable and long-lasting
  • Hemp is resistant to bacteria and mold
  • Hemp has a pleasant grassy aroma and texture
  • Hemp fabrics can keep you warm and dry


A good thing to do.


  • Natural Fiber and Non GMO
  • Does not require pesticides to grow.
  • Is good for the soil
  • When we are finished with it, it will just simply return to the earth.

#1 Holiday Hemp Product Choice for 2017 is HEMP SOCKS!

I know it does not sound too exciting, but who doesn’t appreciate socks? No one asks for them, but it is wonderful that we have them. I heard on the radio that socks are the top of the list of items given as gifts this time of year. Hemp fibers make for very nice socks. Here are some recommendations and appropriate links:

” target=”_blank”>Explore hemp socks for sale on amazon
” target=”_blank”>Rawganique makes great hemp socks

#2 Holiday Hemp Product Choice for 2017 is CHILDREN’S TOYS!

Yes, there are children’s toys made simply using hemp material. This is ideal as hemp is renown for not being toxic. A very safe alternative in this overwhelming world filled with toys. Here are a few links to get you started:

” target=”_blank”>These colorful finger puppets tell countless stories

#3 Holiday Hemp Product Choice for 2017 is HATS/SCARVES/MITTENS!

Put hemp between you and the elements and enjoy comfort and style.

” target=”_blank”>Hemp Fabric blends and beautiful colors
” target=”_blank”>Cute Mittens on amazon
100% organic cotton glovesRawganique has gloves and mittens

#4 Holiday Hemp Product Choice for 2017 is HEMP PLASTIC IPHONE COVER!

There is a terrific alternative to regular plastic phone covers This one does exceed the $20 limit, but I could not resist sharing the information. The following link will lead to a product review on this website:

Bio Composites are amazing…learn more here.

#5 Holiday Hemp Product Choice for 2017 is HEMP PET TOYS!

Animals get along well with hemp and now there are plenty of affordable, adorable, practical and fun pet toys available. Remember: non-toxic and return to the earth when they are used up.

” target=”_blank”>Creative hemp dog toy
” target=”_blank”>Simple can be best

” target=”_blank”>Not just for dogs!
A pet toy review in this website

# 6 Holiday Hemp Product Choice for 2017 is HEMP LOTIONS!

There is nothing better than using hemp oil to create a cream or a lotion. These are just a few suggestions to get you started in a large sea of great brands and products. Hopefully you will have a chance to try more than one.

” target=”_blank”>Very affordable way to moisturize your skin
” target=”_blank”>Another great hemp product brand

# 7 Holiday Hemp Product Choice for 2017 is HEMP BED LINEN!

Now there is no way you can cover the whole bed with sheets and have hemp linen cost under $20. Product review of hemp linens by Rawganique This is a suggestion to buy the pillowcase….more in that range for a loved one to try. It is something to experience in order to decide if it is worth the investment. This is a recommendation that Rawganique makes when describing their products.

Here is a set on amazon

# 8 Holiday Hemp Product Choice for 2017 is HEMP BOOKS AND VIDEO!

There have been a number of quality books written about the hemp industry. Many of them are quite up-to-date because there are so many recent developments. Reading these helps a person understand what all the excitement is about. Hopefully you have time for the following titles:

Hempbound 2014
The Great Book of Hemp

#9 Holiday Hemp Product Choice for 2017 is HEMP T-SHIRTS!

Again simple can be best! These tees are on amazon

Below is a link to Hemp Traders.  It is a company with a great variety of affordable quality hemp products.  I hope this gives you a good introduction.

#10 Holiday Hemp Product Choice for 2017 is HEMP SEEDS AND SNACKS FOR STOCKING STUFFERS!

These are easily in the price range and can be bought in bulk. The following is a link to a review on this website that features hemp seeds and all their immeasurable value:What are hemp seeds and what is their value and cost

buy hemp seeds here and hemp snacks

” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Hemp Traders has great t-Shirts and other products!


The Conclusion is that hemp gift products abound and there is no excuse not to have a happy Hemp Filled Holiday!

Remember hemp decorations… Made with glue and hemp twine can be do it yourself creations of endless possibilities.

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